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I am one of the many people in our society who prefers to do things with a clear conscience when it comes to consuming. I buy organic when I don't grow my own, I purchase products that don't test on animals, if something's Fair Trade it gets bonus points. I wouldn't say I'm completely green-obsessed, but I do like to be informed about products I purchase and use. And I think most other folks do, too.

Sustainability is key...

When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, Lily, my passion for buying green really became ignited, and eventually it led me to want to share the knowledge of the green products I buy with others. Thus, this blog was born. 

I feature new products, tried-and-true products. Products you may know, and some you may not. Products I use everyday, and products I may have only tried once. But, I promise, everything I feature here will fall under the Greensumer Tier of Truth.

Greensumer Tier of Truth
each product featured here will fall under 1 or more of these catagories:

1. Made in a sustainable, eco-friendly manner
2. Made from sustainable, eco-friendly materials
3. FSC certified
4. USDA organic
5. Fair Trade certified
6. Made from recycled materials
7. Gives back to the planet by charitable means
8. Animal cruelty-free
9. Vegan
10. Super awesome

I hope you learn some things while you're here, and that you're as passionate about greensumerism as I am. Even if you're not, maybe I can change your mind ;)

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