Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Snack TAXI

One thing that I am super crazy about is reusing plastic bags as much as possible before they are simply deteriorating to beyond functional. I have been known to patch up small holes in the bottoms of plastic grocery bags and even rinse out Ziploc bags so they can be reused repeatedly. Yep. My mission is to keep things out of landfills as long as possible!

You can imagine I also own a lot of Tupperware and other reusable containers, but those things tend to take up a lot of space and also not always be the best option for transporting things like snacks around in. So, when I received a free SnackTAXI reusable sandwich bag from my Green Fest goody bag, I was more excited than Lily when I give her M&Ms. Not only are SnackTAXIs clever and totally functional, but they're super cute! Look at the one I got–


They are machine washable, although I always just rinse mine out in the sink and leave it to dry in the dish rack. The outside of the bags are made of conventional cotton or organic cotton, and the inside material is polyurethane-coated nylon. According to the SnackTAXI website, all materials are BPA-, lead-, and phthalate-free! All bags are made in the USA, are sold throughout the USA, and you can also order them online. 

Lily running around with her SnackTAXI

One of the things I like best about SnackTAXIs is that they were invented by a mom, just like me, who was sick of sending her kids off to school with sandwich-filled plastic bags that would just end up in the trash. It's wonderful how the things that happen in real life are what always offer us the inspiration to create something new. SnackTAXI also offers options to use their products as fundraising materials for schools and other non-profit organizations.

As for what the SnackTAXI hits on the Greensumer Tier of Truth...

This product is:
Made in a sustainable, eco-friendly manner
Made from sustainable, eco-friendly materials 
USDA organic 
Animal cruelty-free 
Super awesome!
Purchase your own SnackTAXI product here
polyurethane coated nylon.
polyurethane coated nylon.

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